As a little girl, I wholeheartedly believed in fairy-tale love. The kind of love where two people from different worlds have such a deep connection and so fiercely want to be together that they find a way, against all odds.

In adulthood, I wanted so badly to hold on to this idea, but over the years judgment, anger, and fear crept into my heart. Fairy-tales aren’t real, so of course, their love couldn’t be either. I began thinking that love only led to pain, creating jealousy, and false expectations that ultimately lead to disappointment. At best, “healthy” relationships seemed to simply be boring — where two people with similar wants and a primal physical attraction learn to still put up with each other once the butterflies die, not to mention the sex.

Thus, I began to erect walls in an effort to protect myself. I thought that guarding my heart and never sharing all of it would save me from continuous hurt. I’d learned that love is usually conditional, and if I was to be loved and accepted, I had to pretend that certain conditions simply didn’t exist within me.

But then you entered my life.

You remind me every single day that my childhood vision of love is the only kind that is real. True love comes without condition.

You’ve stirred in me an understanding of the Universe that I never thought possible. We are two individuals sharing one mind and one soul. We’re each unique and yet exactly the same.

You’ve seen my insanity and you’ve loved me more for it. I’m never nervous with you, because while I want to impress you, I know I don’t need to. I never tire of being with or talking to you, yet I cherish our time apart since it provides the opportunity to miss you. You’re always my first priority without always being at the top of my mind. I am complete without you, and yet being with you makes me better. I see your flaws and yet find you to be perfect.

With you, there is simply no jealousy, no anger, no fear. We work through our problems as a team and approach each situation with compassion and loving-kindness.

We are the definition of a fairy-tale romance: two people, from different worlds, with things working against us. But the Universe brought us together and I it is on our side. If we hold strong to that connection and have true, unconditional love, I’ve no doubt we’ll find our happily ever after.

Sassy+Loving. Scientific+Spiritual. Nomadic. Always sincere, often wry. Hopefully romantic. Polymath.