I agree with the notion that everyone should be fired, but from a completely different perspective. My simple perspective (as someone who was out of the blue laid off) is that everyone should be fired because it teaches them that at the end of the day, they'll find a way to make life work financially. It's unlikely they'll end up in a box on the street. Being fired takes away the fear of being fired in the future, allowing an employee to work in their best capacity, rather than out of fear (a terrible way to live).

I don't mean this personally - I'm sure as a human you're perfectly fine - but I'm very grateful not to have you as a boss. "Your job is a right; you should work to re-earn it every single day." I do hope you recognize that your employees are equally a right, and you should be working every single day to prove why they should stay with your company.

Remember, it's a two way street. You can get rid of them just as easily as they can get rid of you.

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