I think the “making lots of money” thought also stems from the basic idea that a woman finds a man attractive when he proves he can and will do what is necessary to provide for the two of them and their potential future family.

That doesn’t have to mean he needs to make copious amounts of money. There are so many other ways to achieve this: being able to cook, grocery shop, fix things…in combination with sharing! It does a woman no good if you can provide but you have no desire to share your provisions. 😅

And while women tend to lean toward natural caretaking, that doesn’t mean they are searching for a man whom they need to care for as a child (but we do still want you to let us pluck your eyebrows or make you meals sometimes.

Basically, just don’t be lazy, don’t spend your money on frivolous nonsense, and prove that you will keep her from having to live in a box on the side of the road, and you’ve done what you need to do to show you are a provider.