One more step you can do to keep that Inbox clutter free: use folders. If you’re someone who’s never archived a single email, it will be too overwhelming to Marie Kondo your old emails, so folder the most recent 20, and simply archive the rest.

From there, I only leave an email in my Inbox if I’m not yet done with it.

  • If I haven’t read it, I leave it unread.
  • If I’ve replied and I’m waiting on a response, I star it. Other uses for starring: tracking info for packages I’m waiting on, or returns that I haven’t yet received money back on.
  • If I need to do something with it but I can’t do so right now, I mark it as important

If I’ve read the email, and am completely finished with it, I clear it out of my brain space entirely, but either filing it or deleting it.

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